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Fourteenth Annual Central Eurasian Studies Conference Program
Indiana University, Bloomington
Saturday, May 31st and Sunday, April 1st, 2007


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Session I – 8:30-10:15 AM

Central Asian Language Pedagogy

Chair: Malik Hodjaev (Indiana University)

Malik Hodjaev (Indiana University) Teaching and Learning Uzbek Grammar

Sitora Khatamova (Indiana University) Teaching Uzbek Language Through Culture Using the Puppet Show

Nasiba Mirpochoeva (Khujand State University) Challenging Words: The Use of Onomatopoeic and Sound-Symbolic Word in the Tajiki Language

Farzona Zehni (Indiana University) The Reflection of Tajik Culture and the People’s Way of Life in Proverbs

Conversions and Syncretism in Central Eurasia

Chair: Devin DeWeese (Indiana University)

Mohammed Reza Pour Jafar & Mohammad Jafar Yousefian Kenari (Tarbiat Modares University) Studying the Dramatic Aspects of Sufi Rituals in Turkey and the Impact of Mevlana's Mesnevi

David Knighting (Indiana University) "Your words are fair, but they are new": The Religious Conversion of Germanic and Turkic Elites: A Socio-Political Comparison

Anthropology of the Mongolic Peoples

Chair: Tristra Newyear (Indiana University)

Naran Bilik (Carleton College) The Pinyin Violence and Minority Personal Names in China - Sinicizing the Non-Han by Proxy

Mette Marie High (Cambridge University) Negotiating Dangerous Drinking: Status and Social Change in Mongolia

Marina Sodnompilova (Institute of Mongolian, Buddhist, and Tibetan Studies) Key components of ethnic identification: Kin land and social connections among the Western Buryats in the Ust’-Ordynsky Autonomous Region within the context of socio-cultural and economic changes

International Relations in Central Eurasia

Chair: William Fierman (Indiana University)

Gao Shuqin (People’s University) The Chinese Factor in the Geopolitical Transformation of the Silk Road

Uktam Sodikov (University of World Economy and Diplomacy) Shanghai Cooperation Organization: A New Regional Confrontation or a New World Order?

Geoffrey Gresh (Tufts University - Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy) The Azeri Transborder Population in an Age of Globalization

Tanzilya Salimdjanova (Columbia University) Labor Migration from Uzbekistan in Russia as a Human Rights Issue

Natural Resources and the Environment

Chair: Roman Zlotin (Indiana University)

Leyla Muradkhanli (Khazar University) Environmental Issues of the Caspian Sea

Gulzhan Nurakhmet (University of Dundee) The Natural Resources Law in Kazakhstan: The Role of the State

Katie Ottaway (Indiana University) Some Origins of the Myth of “Tibetan Environmentalism”

Persian and Iranian Literature

Chair: Paul Losensky (Indiana University)

Sheila Akbar (Indiana University) The Essentialized Rumi; or, The Misadventures of Jalaluddin Barks

Paul Losensky (Indiana University) Eros and Poetics in Mohtasham Kashani’s Noql-e ‘Oshshaq

Kathryn Johnston (Indiana University) The Effect of Political and Social Change on Modern Iranian Poetry

Christina Stigliani (Indiana University) Failed Martyrs on Screen: Veterans of the "Sacred Defense" in Iranian Cinema

Session II – 10:30-12:15 AM

Finno-Ugric Languages and Their Acquisition

Chair: Toivo Raun (Indiana University)

Beatrix Burghardt (Indiana University) Testing the Verb Island Hypothesis: the Emergence of Verb Argument Structure in Hungarian Childhood Language

Piibi-Kai Kivik (Indiana University) Learner Differences in the Acquisition of Reference: American Learners of (L3) Estonian

Michele Tibbs (Indiana University) Anglo-Russian Loanword Application in Language Learning Typology

Reading Central Eurasia

Chair: Paul Losensky (Indiana University)

Peter Nemes (Indiana University) The Japanese Garden in a Hungarian Novel: László Krasznahorkai’s Hill to the North, Lake to the South, Roads to the West, River to the East

Rafael Murphy (Indiana University) Unmanning the Media: Feminist Themes and Imagery in Uzbek Pop Culture

Mukhabat Bakaeva (Bukhara State University) First Translations from American Poetry Into Uzbek

Politics, Cultural Identity, and the Intelligentsia in Buryatia

Chair: György Kara (Indiana University)

Margarita Boronova (Buryat State University) Education and Development in Buryatia, 1960-1990

Melissa Chakars (Indiana University) Literature in Postwar Buryatia: Intellectuals, the State, and Geser

Tristra Newyear (Indiana University) Peter the Great vs. the Great Shamaness: A Historical Journey

Elizabeth Louise Sweet (University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign) Indigenous People and Struggle in the Context of Postmodern Russian Imperialism: Resistance in the Buryat Republic

Equality and the Economy in Central Asia

Chair: Michael Alexeev (Indiana University)

Ahad Kazimov (Indiana University) Philanthropy in Azerbaijan

Saulet Nurtayeva & Diana Sturges (West Kazakhstan Medical School) Gender health disparities in transitional economies: an example of cancer morbidity and mortality in Kazakhstan

Ilhom Miliyev (Union of Disabled Sportsmen) Soviet-Style Nomenclature and International Employment Discrimination: Features of Civil Society Development in Uzbekistan at Present

Uyghurs and Xinjiang: Culture and History in the Round

Chair: Gardner Bovingdon (Indiana University)

Lanlan Kuang (Indiana University) A Historical Account of Music of Gaochang (Qoco)The Uighur of Xizhou

Kurban Niyaz (Indiana University) Who is Oghuz Khan?

Gulnisa Nazarova (Indiana University) The Uyghur Custom of Bathing a Child on the Fortieth Day after Birth


Stacie Martin Giles (Indiana University) Can Uyghurs Belong in Today's Kazakhstan?

Politics and the Arts in Turkey

Chair: Christine Ogan (Indiana University)

Halim Kara (Bogaziçi University) Constructing a “Cult of Image:” The Literary Portrayal of Mehmed II in Turkish Historical Fiction

Defne Özonur Çöloglu (Independent Scholar) Turkey: Building Freedom of Speech By Force

Gregory Burris (Indiana University) Sultans of the Silver Screen: Cinematic Portrayals of Turkey and the Turks

12:15 – 1:45 Lunch Break
1:45 – 3:00 Keynote Address: "Soviet Ethnic Policy and the Discursive Roots of Central Asian Authoritarianism" (Richard Anderson, UCLA)

Session III – 3:15-5:00

Central Asian History

Chair: Ron Sela (Indiana University)

Gulchekhrakhon Sultonova (Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences) Trade Relations of the Bukhara and Yarkand Khanates in the 16th Century

Robert Dunbar (Indiana University) The Bada’i‘ al-Vaqa’i‘ of Zayn al-Din Mahmud Vasifi

Zifa Auezova (Kazakh-British Technical University) Tengri Translated as Allah in al-Kashgari's Turkic-Arabic lexicon (XIth c.)

Timur Zyapparov (Kazan State University) The Birth of Arab Studies in Russia: The Role of Kazan University

Identity in Transylvania and the Hungarian Diaspora

Chair: Peter Nemes (Indiana University)

Balázs Balogh (Hungarian Academy of Sciences / Indiana University) Lifestyle, Identity, and Visions of the Future of Hungarian-American Communities in Western Pennsylvania

Ágnes Fülemile (Hungarian Academy of Sciences / Indiana University) The Role of Spouse Selection in the Formation of Regional Identity – The Case of Kalotaszeg, a Reformed Presbyterian Hungarian Region in Transylvania (Romania)

M. Benjamin Thorne (Indiana University) Formerly Hungarian, Currently Romanian, but Always Jewish: The Yiddish-Language Press in Transylvania, 1920-1922

Central Eurasian Linguistics

Chair: Christopher Beckwith (Indiana University)

Andreas Waibel (University of Frankfurt) Adverbial subordination in the languages of the Volga-Kama area

Junghyoe Yoon (Indiana University) Consonant Cluster Assimilation in Yakut: Coronal Coda Underspecification or Production Accommodation

Michael Schen (Indiana University) Linguistic Border Making in Soviet Turkestan

Christopher Beckwith (Indiana University) The Name of the King of the Turks

Mongols: Back and Forth


Erdenechimeg Luvsannorov (Indiana University) Palace Music in Demchigdorji’s (1863-1932) Mongol Translation (1917-1928) of the Yuan Annals, Chapters 70 and 71

Chad Garcia (Indiana University) “We want them back!”: An investigation of processes behind the formation of Chinese bayishing communities, an evaluation of their inhabitants, and their effect on Ming border-relations during the reign of Altan Khan

Tserenchunt Legden (Indiana University) Mongolians' Perceptions of Chinggis Khan

Myagmar Saruul-Erdene (Indiana University) Mongolian Newspapers and Magazines in the USA

Trade and Finance in Central Asia

Chair: Martin Spechler (Indiana University)

Akhliddin Ismailov (Kazakhstan Institute of Management,  
Economics and Strategic Research)
An Analysis of Risk Management Issues in Kazakhstan’s Banking System

Maral Meredova (Indiana University) Components of International Trade of Turkmenistan

Venerahan Torobekova (Harvard University) Financial System Developments in Transition Economies: The Case of Kyrgyz Financial System

Bota Borina (Kazakh State Agrotechnical University) Crop Insurance in Kazakhstan

Turkish Ultranationalism in Practice: Nihal Atsiz, His Works and Legacy

Chair: Kemal Silay (Indiana University)

Yesim Kaptan (Indiana University) We, the Turks: Nihal Atsiz, the Ülkücü Movement, and Turkish Nationalism

Gregory A. Burris (Indiana University) Resurrecting the Nation: The Ideology of Nihal Atsiz as Political Religion

Donny Smith (Indiana University) “Brave Cadets! Your Lesson Learn”: The Beauty of Defeat and Death in Nihal Atsiz’s Poem “Entreaty”

Burcu Karahan (Indiana University) Nationalism on the Sofa: A Psychoanalytical Reading of Nihal Atsiz’s Novels

Suncem Koçer (Indiana University) Raising Racial Boundaries in Virtual Space: and Turkism Today



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Session IV – 8:30-10:15


Reconstructing Ethnic Origins Among the Altai and Kazakhs

Chair: Jeannine Davis-Kimball (Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads)

Jeannine Davis-Kimball (Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads) Nomadic Women of High Status in the First Millennium BCE

Christopher Aaron Baker (Indiana University) Making an Ancient Nation: Kazakh Historical Writing in the Late Soviet Era

Galina Wood (Indiana University) The Birth of a Myth

Zaure Batayeva (Indiana University) Genealogy in Contemporary Kazakhstan

Inner Asian History

Chair: Gardner Bovingdon (Indiana University)

Zhu Lishuang (Independent Scholar) Between Truth and Imagination: Special Envoys on Mission to Tibet during the Period of Republican China, 1912-1949

David Brophy (Harvard University) The Kings of Xinjiang: Muslim Elites and the Qing Empire

Benjamin Levey (Harvard University) Migration of Han Settlers from Gansu to Xinjiang: 1761-1780

Robin Charpentier (Indiana University) On the Confluence of Colonialism and Uti Possedetis in the Qing Western Borderlands


State-Building in Central Eurasia

Chair: Regina Smyth (Indiana University)

Aziz Burkhanov (Institute of World Economy and Politics) Kazakhstan Political System Transformation Issues

Larissa Jones (Institute of Development Studies) Spatial Dimension of State-Building on the Periphery: Case Studies of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Masoud Mousavi (University of Tehran) & Mahmoud Dehghani (Center for Strategic Research) The Paradox of Security/Democracy in the Islam World

Dariga Tokpayeva (Indiana University) The Moment the Right to Life Begins

Turkish Politics

Chair: Kemal Silay (Indiana University)

Arman Gabrielyan (Yerevan State University / Vanderbilt University) Poverty: Parallels Between Armenia and Turkey

Defne Jones (Indiana University) Turkey's Transition to Multi-Party Politics

Ilhan Zeynep Karakiliç (Middle East Technical University) A Presentation on Work Strategies of 1989 Immigrants from Bulgaria in Ankara, Turkey

Session V – 10:30-12:15

Language Policy

Chair: William Fierman (Indiana University)

Jala Garibova (Azerbaijan University of Languages) Language Policy and Linguistic Behavior in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan

John M Clifton (University of North Dakota) Do the Talysh and Tat Languages Have a Future in Azerbaijan?

Eric Schluessel (Indiana University) "Bilingual" Education in Xinjiang

Svetlana Son (Kazakh National University) Toward a Multilingual Education Model for Korean Minority Children in Kazakhstan

Finno-Ugric Memory and Identity

Chair: Michele Tibbs (Indiana University)

John Cash (Independent Scholar) Commemoration, Contestation, and Privacy: Concerning the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution, Budapest, October 23, 2006

Matthew Caples (Indiana University) The Ideology of Kinship: The Pan-Finno-Ugrian Movement Between the Two World Wars

Hsin-wen Hsu (Indiana University) Make Your Own Folk Music: The Formation of Individuality in the Recent Development of Folk Music in Finland

Architecture and Archaeology

Chair: Christiane Gruber (Indiana University)

Aydogdy Kurbanov (University of Pennsylvania) Current Archaeological Excavations in Turkmenistan

Muhsin M. Hidirov & Munira Radjabova (Girne American University) The Architecture of the Great Silk Road

Stanley Brunn (University of Kentucky) Memorializing the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan: A Kazakh's City Monument

The Tibetan Arts

Chair: Elliot Sperling (Indiana University)

Yangbum Gyal (Indiana University) A Survey of Tibetan Medical Literature of the 7th & 8th Centuries

Gedun Rabsal (Indiana University) A Dharma Holder: Reading Sakya Pandit Kunga Gyaltsen (1181-1251) Through Poems

Gai Tho (Multi-Education Editing Center) An Overview of Tibetan Literature

Jessie Wallner (Indiana University) Tibet on the World Stage: Tibetan Music and the World Music Industry

Building Civil Society in Central Asia

Chair: Edward Lazzerini (Indiana University)

Viktoria Levinskaya (Westminster International University in Tashkent) Contemporary Problems of Civil Society Development in Uzbekistan

Baktygul Tulebaeva (AIGINE) The Impact of Mass Media and Cultural Traditions on Political Participation in Kyrgyzstan

Hans Ibold (Missouri School of Journalism) In the Interests of Central Asians: Rethinking Journalism Training with Conflict Theory

Zamira Yusufjonova (University of Notre Dame) Political Fragmentation in Tajikistan: Tracking the Traces of Clan Culture

Massura Nadyrmagambetova (Indiana University) Basis of Multicultural Education in Kazakhstan

Ottoman History

Chair: Hakki Erdem Cipa (Indiana University)

Kelly Maynard (University of Missouri) and Serife Genis (Gaziantep University) The Establishment of an Albanian Community in Samsun, Turkey:  A History of Three Migrations

York Norman (University of Wisconsin – Whitewater) Ottoman Bosnian Islam and European Identity

12:15 – 1:45 Lunch Break
1:45-3:00 Distinguished Lecture: Origins, Functions, and Changes of Writing Mongolic (György Kara, Indiana University)